Digital Surge during Corona Pandemic


          As we are curbed within the four walls of our homes under lockdown in the repercussion of Coronavirus, digital technologies help break down the barriers, linking us across diverse periods and time zones with others who have experienced similar catastrophes and shows us that we take a lot in common with others who are from distant lands and different times, reassuring us to appreciate the fact that we are not the only ones who are dealing with the worldwide desolation twisted by the pandemic. The internet became a substitute for all the activities now inaccessible was, in many ways, inevitable. Commerce and its aids are going strong with digital marketing tools, though coronavirus pandemic has impacted quite a few spheres of business, all aspects of marketing, and brands’ use of digital in marketing communications is no exception. Businesses have taken to the internet to sell their services. With virtual zoo tours, online sales and virtual launches, this looks to be the new normal for a while. Let’s see how marketers are adapting to these new circumstances.


1. Address consumer concerns and appreciate the trend.
2. Focus on creating meaningful conversions.
3. Get even more visible in front of your clients.
4. Make short term adaptations and long-term concerns.
5. Measure, measure, measure the marketing expenditure.
6. More new flexible channels to reach out.
7. Spread the word louder.
8. Test, try, discover and repeat. Yeah, by revolving towards a solution.
9. Understand the virtual realities. Leverage local SEO, reach out on email and hold exposure on social media, boost website SERP ranking and do not ignore pay per click advertising.
10. Work smart to hold your prevailing client base. Bring people together as they stay safely apart.

digital marketing in covid period

          These are tough times we find ourselves in as the Coronavirus has changed a lot of things in our lives, but we need to be positive it will come to an end and we can soldier on. The coronavirus has left its mark in history – the question is how you will survive up in this. We have now seen the effects on various trades and marketing efforts in this situation and this is the best time to ensure business steadiness by captivating digital marketing and keep your business in front of your potential customers staying at home. Prepare and organise for the retrieval with better marketing now, coupled with capacity building strategies to not only improve your chances to survive the pandemic, indeed to come out of it stronger than ever,
ready to capture significant marketing share gains. So, more digital solutions need to be measured for all industries. Webinars, digital leisure’s and virtual doctor visits are examples of solutions to come when physical contact is limited. Even during a time that feels like a downward path – there can be a prospect to be seized.

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