An Outlook on Purposes of Different Websites


People and businesses create websites for diverse purposes such as marketing products and services, posting and finding information on the web, gaining knowledge, interacting with each other, having fun, etc. Everyone finds a good reason to create a website! But in general, we can say that the websites are being created to offer a useful service that others will use. It can even be free, although if this is something really cool, you can always make money on it!

Different kinds of websites have different purposes depending on who the intended audience is. Some websites are geared towards marketing products and other websites are geared towards providing practical information, while others are merely for entertainment. Let’s take a look at some of the different types of websites that are out there.

Informative / Practical Information Websites

Here the purpose is to convey specific, helpful information to a specific user/audience so that the reader learns something new or understands a subject better. These websites are geared around more actionable information and may contain “how to-s”, tips and tricks, fix and repair, management, backing info, guidelines, directions, etc.

Entertainment Websites

Online magazines, gossip oriented websites, celebrity news, sports coverage, movies, the arts, humorous websites, etc. are designed to be easy to navigate and frequently updated in order to keep users coming back for more information. Yah these websites showcase entertaining
information for visitors. They can be made more engaging by using dynamic content, such as videos, podcasts, slideshows, etc.

E-Commerce Websites

The most successful websites are carefully optimized to achieve a high percentage of purchases. They need to integrate all of the latest online closing & upsell techniques available which have been proven to increase the chances that a visitor will purchase. There are many important elements that go into building a successful e-commerce website such as removing friction during the purchasing process, making the checkout smooth and easy, making the website fast and attractive, up selling users on related products, incentivizing buyers, reducing cart abandonment, nurturing past buyers to buy again, remarketing to past visitors who haven’t yet purchased, using the proper payment options, having a mobile ready design, etc.,

Service-Based Business Websites

The purpose of a service-based business website is to convince website visitors that they should become customers of the service company. This is done by positioning the company as a dependable, trust worthy and experienced service provider in the target market. Visitors will pre-screen potential service providers by reviewing and find the best company that will meet their exact needs. Visitors can be helped by providing them with information and articles which demonstrate your knowledge, a visual portfolio of your work, videos, customer testimonials and so on.


Blogs can be started up very easily online using a number of free services, such as There are many personal and professional blogs out there that are entertaining to read and which give a very personal insight into a person’s life. Blogs can be for entertainment purposes or used as an online journal or used by companies to keep their customers abreast of what is going on.

Social Media Websites

Social media websites make quick and easy work out of building up a network of connections so as to keep in touch, share daily experiences, photos, interests, preferences, etc. Social networks can be used for both personal and commercial purposes. Businesses use social networks to build direct connections with their customers which allows them to get feedback on their products and services and allows them to learn more about what their customers really need and want.

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