What Makes Ungex Different?

Available From July 8 2021 1:47 pm at Melbourne, Melbourne

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1. Natural Solutions
Providing natural-based products to treat Demodex on human skin (no harmful chemical ingredients and no side effects). âœ”

2. Suitable for Entire Body
Providing a range of treatments that are not symptom-specific and can be used to treat Demodex on the entire body.✔

3. Suitable on both Skin & Fabrics
PDT can be used on personal and upholstery items to prevent environmental cross-transfer.✔

4. Unique Protocol
Innovated a unique care plan called the "Ungex Protocol".✔

5. All Types of Mites
Multi-purpose; can help treat all types of skin parasites, mites, and insects aside from Demodex.
6. Prevention & Pre-treatment
Ungex Demodex treatment also acts as prevention & pre-treatment for other skin issues.✔